In the last 24 hours what has inspired you?

An endless reserve of oceanic love from my close friends and family. A phone call. Hope. The jungle. My guitar. Photographs of a recent time. Driving. Wine. Music. Always. Music.

As a singer, which of your shows has pulled on your heart and stands as your favorite/s?

Ooo that's hard. I think they all offer up precious little gifts in different ways so it's hard to compare them, but more recently I did a few little shows in LA and they were really cool. I did a gig in Topanga on my birthday actually and that was so lovely. So many beautiful people. It's always about the energy as a whole at the end of the day.
I also just did a gig with the Babe Rainbow boys and that was just a ridiculously fun magic rainbow joyride. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for hours. Many giggles were had.

You can’t sit still, you’re always somewhere in the world. What are some lessons from the road?

It's so hard to stay still! I get itchy feet.

The biggest recurring lesson I've learnt so far is, let it all go and breathe...
You know, I always make these intricate plans in my mind of what I'm going to do, or see or how an experience will teach me, help me grow, love, write etc, but without fail, EVERY time, things change.
I truly believe there is some divine plan, and the lessons always come in the unknown.
It can be incredibly painful and sometimes you just want to run and hide, but like one of my best friends says, imagine how boring life would be if you knew what was going to happen all the time!
I think with the breathing comes surrender, it's like learning a cosmic universal dance of intention and listening, trust, truth and kindness.
But fuck! It's not easy!
I try to remember that things always seem more intense in the moment of experiencing. In memory everything feels golden and that's where the joy and clarity of 'why' is.
It's like all of life really!
It's easier to connect the dots when looking back... but not to much!
Then there is the return home to self.
As much as I like moving around and feeling everything it's when I'm still that everything makes sense and comes together with poignant reason and resonance.

The best thing about being a musician, and the worst?

I think for me the best thing is having found a way to express my deep and very raw sense of experiencing and feeling.
Not really sure what I'd do without it!
The worst is an interesting thing, because it's all wrapped up with the best. It's this fluid back and forth, one informs the other.
I read something Angel Olsen had shared the other day and part of that really hit home for me.

"Who knew the business of wanting to be special would get so complicated.
That a dream would turn into livelihood, that it would be a constant fight to keep real, when people, maybe unknowingly, try to make you embrace the fake.
Musicians - we're all very different, yes. But I do think we share some truths - we're vagabonds, we're survivalists, we see people and systems all over the world. We turn inward, we lose touch with friends, it's painful and it's informative, at times exhausting to process. It's not only playing music.
But I'm grateful for it. Grateful for the time others have devoted to this weird work of mine. Grateful to see how time passing has brought me closer to those I love. Thanks for sharin and keeping real when you can."

I really love this. It's so spot on.


There is no denying your incredible talent for writing as well as singing. What’s one place in the world where you can’t stop those creative juices from flowing?

Ahhh Bali...
That place cracks me wide open.
I have lived there on and off for a couple years and whenever I am there I cannot stop writing. Not songs in particular, more musings on life and love and the fragility of the human condition.
The Balinese are in a continuous state of deep prayer and reverence for the ancestors and the land, it's automatically a melting pot of creativity.
The magnitude of the nature also holds me in such a primal and unfiltered space.
Similar to India. The land before time, the place where everything is created and destroyed. The place where life and death merge seamlessly and where a greater consciousness is birthed.
Something about it almost works as an opiate for me, it allows me a passage to a timeless space where I can float around in between realms dreaming.

I bet you’re an old soul. Right now, what’s the soundtrack to your life?
Oh wow. So so much so many many.
It's so funny because I always feel like I'm watching the movie of my life which has already been and gone.
I often feel like I curate my own Terrence Malick style films with poetry and narration constantly running in my mind, and then I choose the soundtrack...
So... most commonly featured at the moment would be;
Mazzy Star
Big Thief
Bobby Mcferrin - ('circle songs')
Lots of Indian Raga
Dead Can Dance
Pink Floyd
Jeff Buckley
Julia Jacklin
Black Sabbath
Ray LaMontagne
Beach House
Van Morrisons Astral Weeks
Joni Mitchell
Jonathan Wilson
ahhh I could go on... but these are on a cycling playlist right now
Oh and Brian Eno and Andrew Bird  
Oh oh oh and ALWAYS Radiohead!

Who is your favorite/s musician and which songs?

Haha maybe just see above.
Hmmm couple of my favourite songs right now...
Baby's Arms - Kurt Vile
Hot Dreams - Timber Timbre
Curiosity - Reverend Baron
Pretty Things - Big Thief
Party - Aldous Harding
All Yours - Widowspeak
Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings - Father John Misty


How would you define a WYLDE Woman?

I think a WYLDE Woman is a woman that trusts herself. A woman that knows her boundaries, yet pushes the limits. A woman that can make fearless decisions with pure inspired intentions and graceful actions. A woman who speaks and shares herself honestly and authentically. A woman who is for women, and who is for men equally, a woman who realises that both feminine and masculine live harmoniously within and inform different aspects of our personalities. 
A woman who explores sexuality as a free and fluid thing without guilt or shame but with mindful conjuring. 
A WYLDE woman is without form, ever changing, a muse, a mother, a sister, lover, friend. A reflection of nature, vast and chaotic, wildly beautiful, running rivers, oceans, storms, clouds and blue sky. 
Above all she is a woman who can take responsibility for herself. There is real strength that comes from being vulnerable enough to look at yourself. A WYLDE woman is a witch, a witch women, who is in a deep and holy whole commune with the Universe and Nature, the Sun, the Stars and the Moon. 

What good little life lesson can you bless us with?

Life lesson, there's a million of those!
As cliche as it sounds, to keep on choosing to contribute love and positivity to this world. It's a major humbling lesson.
Some days this world is so fucking backward and it drags us from our core essence of what is important.
Be authentic, be compassionate, be graceful, be clear with your words and try not to judge. The universe or god or whatever you want to call it did not create life for us to judge, that part is beyond us, it just is, nameless, and perfect in its multifaceted reflections.

Collaborate with anyone in the world. Who would it be and what great things would you create?

Oh right now, if I could have Beck, Ray LaMontagne, Andrew Bird, Hope Sandoval, Jonathan Wilson, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Thom Yorke in a room with me, I'd be the happiest girl to ever live, ever.
It'd be the dreamiest mash up of deep mystical melancholic psychedelic profound hymnal bliss, soaring bells and rustic rouge tones, heart beats and witchy incantations. With a little unexpected quirky neuroses and a free ride to the astral planes along the golden desert highways in the peachy skies. Ha!


You’re going places - spiritually, physically and emotionally. Where will you be and what can we expect from you in the future?

Who knows where I'll be emotionally and spiritually! That part I wish I knew a little more, it might save me some sleepless nights and a whole bunch of burning questions. It's like Christmas with those sides of myself, never know what's gonna happen, whose gonna show up, what presents you'll get, if any, snow or shine, drunk and in love or lonely and hating the world.  
I hope to be in India or Bali again before the end of the year, need a little soul sweep revival.
Possibly the US again! Who knows!
Gosh, well, I guess you can just expect more music! Hopefully some beautiful visual narratives to go along with it.
And maybe a book! I've been collating all the poems and musings on love I've ever written, it's currently titled, 'Sketches of Love and Letters I Never Sent'
Hopefully soon.

Thoughts on being a woman in the art world - Is it a force for good or evil?

It can only be a good thing I think! For sure!

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I remember seeing a powerful image circulating instagram. A young woman shortly after receiving a heart transplant.. Her scars worn with such grace and power. A symbol of the importance of organ donation. At just 24 years old, Rebecca Craven went on a Bali holiday and caught what appeared to be the common cold, never would she have thought it would lead to a heart transplant.

When did you first find out you were sick and what was your initial thought when your specialist told you that the virus had reached your heart?

I found out in the early months of 2014 that I had chronic heart failure. They had told me that the virus had attacked the left side of my heart and it was only working at 16%. Immediately I thought I was going to die. Being only 24 at the time and having a list of goals I wanted to achieve, I thought there was some kind of mistake? Surely I can't have anything wrong with my heart, I'm too young. It was so devastating and a real big blow to my dreams.

How long were you waiting for a donor and what events occurred during this period?

I was waiting for 8 months for a suitable heart. My heart had failed to the point where the doctors said I wouldn't last the wait for a transplant and would need a mechanical heart to keep me alive. So I had an LVAD (a mechanical heart) placed in the left side of my heart for 8 months until I received the call.

What did you miss most when you were waiting for the call?

The Ocean. I had a mechanical heart that was powered by a bag on the outside of my stomach, I couldn't even shower properly. So swimming in the ocean was out of the question.

Some people notice after receiving a transplant they discover talents unknown before or a new found like/dislike for something, have you experienced anything like this?

I haven't! Well at least I don't think I have? I do like rap music now...

What are your aspirations?

I want to be a person that people look up to instead of down upon for having a heart transplant. I want to be an international spokeswoman for not only people with heart defects, but girls who have imperfections. I have a massive scar showing now and I want girls to know thats ok to show off! It's part of your story and that's who you are.

What is your favorite quote?

The bravest thing you can do in a world like this, is to be yourself.


What is your advice to anyone going through a similar situation?

Everybody has their own journey. Don't compare yours to someone else's. I learnt that lesson the hard way. Try to be as positive as you can. I know how hard it can be but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I promise

How can we do more to help and become donors?

Talk about organ donation with your family. Go online to donate life and register to become an organ donor. The excuse of being too old and having a partying life doesn't matter! haha. You can save up to 10 people by donating.

Wylde Woman - @beccraven
Imagery by - @catieallen_creative


Visit - to register to donate in Australia to register to donate in the United States

Please remember, your family has final approval. Discuss your decision with them, if you are in a position to donate, your family will have the final say if you are unable to.

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It was 6.30am on a Friday morning as I head over to Tia’s house to catch up. The Velvet Underground playing as we walked through the front door. Tia jumped onto her bed offering a cup of tea and instantly picking up M Train by Patti Smith.

 Like opening a door to the 70’s, the walls lined with fairy lights and plastered with posters of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Every corner of the room with something to catch your eye, from a collection of stacked suitcases to an old typewriter. Taking centre stage of the room, Tia’s vintage record player and record collection.

How old are you?

I write letters, I wear grandma underwear, I still use a typewriter to do my work and listen to records, I may seem 70 but I’m at the sweet youthful age of 17.

I guess it’s fair to say you are not like most other 17 year olds. Tell us about your upbringing?

Tough to say the least, a lot of the time growing up without a mother figure, learning to fall into my groove, develop and create my own decisions, instincts, morals and ideals, with the help of only myself learning to act.

Respect and growing into a woman was a bit different from others. From a young age I was always making books, collecting little tins and boxes to create miniature sanctuaries whether it was on my desk or my bed. It kept me sane. I’m so glad I grew up the way I did, I definitely wouldn’t be the beautiful odd sock I am today. And now here we are, you’re interviewing me.

Who is your favourite author/poet and your favourite quote?

PATTI SMITH. Wowowowow. Her whole body, mind and soul is walking poetry. I’ve never been so indulgent and mesmerised in anyones work before.

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars." - On the road – Jack Kerouac. Mm.

If you could have a tea party with 5 special guests who would you invite and why?

Patti smith (she could serenade me with her cover of within you without out to me ), Alexa Chung (share her wardrobe tips with me), Jane Birkin, Elvis and John Lennon..

Where did you get your record player and records from?

My father, my 14th or 15th birthday, bit blurry. I found a few records a few years before and became ultimately obsessed with the process of vinyl, the cleaning, flipping, choosing and dedicating yourself to a whole album because you know you have to get up and flip it. He surprised me with his refurbished 1979 model Hitachi made with a beautiful wooden base and silver and gold lining. Ive been collecting my own albums through op shops, records shops an the friendly groovers at JBHIFI!

Tell us more about your music, why does it sing to you and do you ever listen to any of the currents?

Music is so so healing and inspirational to me, as a writer you respect the lyrics, the meaning and the story that is hidden between every flickering sentence. A groove is a groove, I have to be in a good mood to care or really listen to mainstream music, an era before is what truly resonates within me.

Growing up isn’t easy, a lot of young girls can find themselves lost or unsure of what they want. How do you think this is effected in the current age of social media and gossip magazines?

Being exposed to the media as a young, insecure, vulnerable girl can be terrifying and seemingly destructive to some. These half naked, overly confident women flirting their super skinny bodies, promoting gym wear and bikinis is very, very intimidating.

Being exposed to so many openings and profiles that are the highlight reel, being a young girl its almost tiring, pumped with these images can be very destructive and I feel like this is the wrong message that these Instagram girls are sending.

I feel social media is and can be a positive thing in todays world giving the ability to globally transform opinions. It feels like we’re all in this girl gang fighting with each other for each other. We’re eerily connected watching everyone’s moves. I feel the endless bikini and cheap boutique clothing promotional photos are pointless, and almost ruthless and are only for the benefit of the person posting, as they most likely receive revenue off insecure girls feeling like if they wear the product they will feel more confident to be themselves. This is a damaging message, it should be used to benefit and spread words of kindness, inspiration, self love and the right confidence of self acceptance.

 Everyone is always selling everyone their own brand. Social media lets the average girl hang around in someone else’s life for a while to hide from her own. But at the consequence comes images of skinny teas and whitening teeth products that are told to make a girl feel “beautiful”. I feel social media should be used for other things, and if promoting is happening, I believe supporting handmade and ethical/local brands will stop fast fashion and let us express ourselves with beautiful creations that are created by tired hands. Girls are flunked with ideals of what they’re meant to be and look like, they’re meant to look like the girl with heavy contrast and dark filters to make their tummies look thinner.

Personally, I want my Instagram to be a gang of confident men and women who are eager to inspire, get into old school things, writing letters, vinyl and really live life. I want these girls and guys to really do their own thing and have the confidence to share messages of compassion. I love supporting brands that I really care about. I connect with all the owners and really speak to them about what their brand means to them because I feel like I can really express me throughout with this understanding.

Who do you look up to? 

I look up to myself for inspiration always before looking to exterior sources. Within me is the best place to search for inspiration. I feel like my following is strong because instead of using “I” I use “us”, so everyone feels equally accepted and the messages I send are almost globally personal.

What do you say to the bullies?

Fuck the bullies, they have there own insecurities that’s why they take all their anger out on the weak. Its unfair and they will look back and weep.

In a world quickly becoming over run by social media, what do you do to stay grounded?

Write. Music and Cj’s wisdom and guidance, he is god disguised in French 50’s workwear.

What would be your advice to young girls?

Do your work and work hard on your art or whatever you desire whatever it may be. If it’s shit, keep going, don’t chuck it. Store it. Weed will sometimes bloom. Do you. Really delve into your emotions and where they drag you, if you like something, don’t be afraid to say so, whether it be op shopping, sex, a feeling. Do you. Forget what the trends are, trends are for those who are too afraid to create their own mystical stylish jungle. Be strong in the way you carry yourself and stand up for the rights you believe in. Your passions and dreams is what truly matters.


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Wylde Wednesday's with Maddy & Eva


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